Armpit (Theodore Johnson)
Armpit Box
Vital statistics
Title Theodore Johnson (Armpit)
Actor Byron Cotton
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Gender Male
Race African-American
Status Alive
Location Austin,Texas
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"Man, nobody know no fool named Theodore!''"
―Armpit correcting Mr. Pendanski.

Armpit is a camper at Camp Green Lake. He is also the main protagonist of the Holes sequel Small Steps.

Before Camp Green Lake

Theodore was arrested and sent to Camp Green Lake for beating up two older boys at a movie theater, over a bucket of popcorn.

At Camp Green Lake

Theodore arrived at Camp Green Lake, was assigned to D-Tent and received his nickname, Armpit, due to his impressively vicious body odor. While Caveman was at Camp Green Lake, Armpit became his "mentor" as assigned by Mr. Pendanski. Anyone who called Armpit by his real name, Theodore, would get shoved to the ground by him when Mr. Pendanski wasn't present.

Though a tough guy, he had a somewhat tender side, like when he saw Caveman's fish-fossil, he said in a sing-song voice, "Aww look at the little fishies! Aww... I mean that's cool...".

In the book, when he had to use the bathroom, the Warden jabbed him with a pitchfork, drawing blood. In the movie, however, he tried to fool the Warden by taking an old oven dial and pass it off as something he found. The Warden asks him if he's trying to be funny or if he thinks she's stupid. Armpit says that he wasn't trying to be funny to which the Warden says, "Excuse me?". Mr. Sir then tells Armpit that he just lost a week of shower privileges, much to the chagrin of everyone in D-Tent, with Squid telling him that he's sleeping outside.

Even after getting his uniform washed, his B.O. was still a force to be reckoned with. As Stanley Yelnats IV was finally being accepted as Caveman, and getting into the swing of things, when Armpit showed off his clean duds, he proudly threw his arms wide, and the vicious body odour sent everyone - including Caveman - scrambling, gagging, and laughing. "OH PUT 'EM DOWN!"

After Camp Green Lake

Armpit was released from Camp Green Lake after it was closed down. It is not said what happens to him afterwards in Holes, but in the sequel to Holes, Small Steps, it is talked about.

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