Ms. Morengo is Stanley Yelnats IV's lawyer that got hired by Tiffany Yelnats to get Stanley out of Camp Green Lake they got the money by selling the foot odour cure that Stanley Yelnats III made with peaches and onions. And later she brought Attorney General of Texas to help get Stanley out of Camp Green Lake later Armpit asks her for a pen and paper, and then Mr. Sir gets recognized as Marion Sevillo and The Warden is recognized as Louise Walker and Mr. Pendanski gets proved to be a fake doctor* then Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendanski and The Warden get arrested for multiple charges such as being in possession of a firearm, treating the campers like slaves, and being proven a fraud doctor*. In the film she is portrayed by Roma Maffia.


  • Only in the movie is Mr. Pendanski a fraud doctor, in the book he is just D-Tent supervisor, but still gets arrested regardless.