"Trout didn't want to learn. He seemed to be proud of his stupidity."
―Louis Sachar on Trout's intelligence.
Charles "Trout" Walker
Trout Box
Vital statistics
Title Charles "Trout" Walker
Actor Scott Plank
Family Linda Walker - Wife
The Warden - Granddaughter
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Old age (Assumed)
Location Unknown
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Charles "Trout" Walker was a man living in Green Lake, Texas. He was spoiled, jealous, unintelligent, full of himself, and had no desire to change as he already felt he was just fine the way he was. He had little to no experience or skill with romance, and his formal education was lacking if he'd had any at all. Trout had a constant odor around him, which earned him the nickname 'Trout'. In the Holes movie, his full name was never used, nor was the origin of the name "Trout Walker" ever revealed. However, in the novel it was mentioned that the odor around him was usually that of fish, he was played by the late Scott Plank.

Green Lake


Trout Walker in Green Lake

Trout was the son of the landlord who owned the area containing the lake in Green Lake, Texas, and it was easily his favorite thing to boast about. He was a bigoted and self-centered man, often using his relationship to the land owner to get what he wanted. He was openly racist, much of it being directed at Sam. Trout ended up marrying Linda Walker(formerly Linda Miller), one of Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow)'s former students. He was The Warden (Louise Walker)'s paternal grandfather.

Katherine Barlow

Trout wanted to be romantically involved with Katherine (Kate) Barlow. However, she told him that she had no interest in him. When Trout saw her kissing Sam, the black-skinned onion farmer, he was infuriated.* He had the Sheriff arrest him and slate him for hanging. Sam made an attempt to escape in his rowboat along with several jars of Katherine's peaches, but was shot dead by an enraged Trout Walker.

*In the book, it was not Trout, but Hattie Parker who caught them.

After Lake Dried Up

After Sam was murdered, it never rained again in Green Lake. Eventually Trout Walker's main source of wealth quite literally dried up. Kate Barlow, now an infamous bandit, buried her loot in the dried lake bed, and Trout and his wife Linda attempted to threaten her and discover the location. However, Kate committed suicide by making a Yellow-Spotted lizard bite her on the arm. As she died, she had a smile on her face, taunting him and denying the man his wishes even in death. With Trout's only way to find the treasure now dead he simply began to dig. His obsession with the treasure infected his family and his granddaughter, The Warden set up Camp Green lake to have the campers dig massive holes every day.

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