"Sweet Feet" Livingston was a Major League baseball player for the Texas Rangers. He got his name from having a foot fungus (same one as Trout Walker) that made his feet smell bad.

Baseball Career

Clyde was famous for scoring four triples in a game. In the film, Magnet (Jose) says that Clyde is the "fastest guy in the Majors". The shoes Clyde wore during the game were the ones Caveman (Stanley Yelnats IV) was accused of stealing.

At Stanley's trial, it was learned that Clyde had been an orphan living at the same orphanage were the shoes had been stolen from. At the trial, the lawyer asked him to tell them a little something of his background. Besides the fact that it was his donated shoes that were stolen, what other connection might he have had with this case?

"Well, I was an orphan. I grew up in that home. I don't understand what type of person steals from homeless children." He glared at Stanley and said, "You're no fan of mine" . Stanley felt really bad that he stole Sweet Feet's shoes and that his hero thinks he is a bad person.

Later Life

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Clyde later realized that Stanley didn't steal the shoes. Cylde was shown in both the book and film as he attends the party at the Yelnats' home. The family and the guests watched the commercial for "Sploosh" that was made by Stanley Yelnats III, which starred Clyde.

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