Derrick from a deleted scene

Derrick Dunne was a bully at Stanley's middle school. He picked on Stanley for his weight. The teachers never took Stanley's complaints seriously because Derrick was half his size. In fact some teachers even found it amusing that a kid smaller than Stanley could pick on him. However Derrick is not half his size, he is actually almost his size. Derrick originally appeared in two scenes of the film adaption but was cut from the final version. In the deleted scenes (which can be viewed on the special features of the DVD) he was portrayed by Robert Armour.

At School

The day Stanley was arrested, Derrick stole his notebook and made Stanley chase after him until he dropped it in a toilet in the boy's lavatory.

Later Life

When Carla Morengo, Stanley's attorney visited his school, Derrick told her that Stanley was at school fishing his notebook out of the toilet during the time Clyde Livingston's shoes were stolen so Stanley was innocent of the crime. It was Derrick's testimony that helped Stanley be released from Camp Green Lake. Derrick is never mentioned again in the novel. Derrick is also indirectly mentioned by Stanley as "Kids half my size used to pick on me." in Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake.