Igor Barkov
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Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Actor Ken Davitian
Family Myra Menke (Wife)
Gender Male
Race Latvian
Status Alive
Location Unknown
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In the sub-plot of holes Igor wanted to marry Myra and so did Elya Yelnats, Igor gave his fattest pig, unfortunately for Elya, he didn't have anything to give. Elya gets a pig off of Madame Zeroni, even though Madame Zeroni warned Elya several times that Myra is just a "flower pot" this didn't stop Elya, In order to bulk up the pig and fatten it up, Elya takes the pig up to the mountain, having the pig drink from the stream on the mountain, singing If Only, If Only. After all this, Elya goes back to Myra with the pig that is now as fat as Igor's pig, Myra couldn't decide who to marry, so she decided by thinking of a number, and having both of them guess it, this angered Elya, and then Elya let Morris (Myra's father) keep his pig as a wedding present after he angrily threw the flowers on the ground. Igor was joyed with this, and started to hug and attempted to kiss Myra, Myra has a look of regret on her face. Igor Barkov was played by Borat / Get Smart actor Ken Davitian.