Austin Gorg

Judge Austin Gorg

Judge Austin Gorg presided over Stanley Yelnats IV's trial.

Though Stanley was innocent, the circumstantial evidence against him: Sweetfeet's shoes had been stolen, Stanley had them, Stanley was a Clyde Livingston / Sweetfeet fan, and Stanley Yelnats III was recycling shoes to find a cure for foot odor.

The judge was hard-nosed and declared that he could send Stanley to jail and not lose one bit of sleep over that, But, as Stanley was a kid, he stated that Camp Green Lake had an opening - due to Barfbag (Louis)'s departure - and gave Stanley a choice, "Camp Green Lake... or jail."

At the near-end of the movie, Ms. Morengo, Stanley IV's newly-acquired lawyer, managed to learn that Stanley's school had a bully by the name of Derrick Dunne, who had stolen Stanley's notebook and tossed it in the toilet. Stanley was at school when the shoes had been stolen - by Zero (Hector Zeroni).

The Judge immediately signed a court order for Stanley's release - which Ms. Morengo showed to The Warden (Louise Walker), who ignored it, since Stanley had run away days prior. Judge Austin Gorg was played by Michael Cavanaugh. The Judge is more of a minor character considering he only seen once in the movie and only mentioned once in the book.