The Bully
Vital statistics
Title Camp Green Lake's Bully
Actor Steven Kozlowski
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Status Alive
Location Unknown
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Lump was one of the B-Tent boys at Camp Green Lake, the resident bully, apparently in charge of the rec room, demanding that other camp residents `pay up' for some unknown due (Perhaps from gambling with shower tokens, the only `currency' available at the camp - from a deleted scene)

Lump was present when Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo) was orientating Stanley Yelnats IV on how things worked at Camp Green Lake. Lump was in charge of the supply tent, setting out Stanley's jumpsuit and boots, taking and storing Stanley's backpack. Lump laughed when Stanley was trying to get into his jumpsuit, got his leg caught, and fell over.

The D-Tent boys still razzed Stanley until one day, in the rec room, Stanley was bumped into Lump by accident. Lump kicked Stanley, and when Stanley tried to right himself, he tried to apologize, but he slipped on an unstable stool, and landed on the bully, making it appear like he tried to take Lump on. Lump attempted to beat up Stanley, but the other D-Tent boys backed Stanley up, calling Lump off with fear of reprisals from the Warden. Lump backed off, "Keep that punk away from me!" seemingly shaken that a mere newbie had dared `attack him on his turf. Squid (Alan) warned Stanley not to even look at Lump "He's crazy, you understand me?"

Lump was present in the mess hall as a server when Squid asked Mr. Sir what happened to his face, and was harshly disciplined by being thrown to the ground, knocking everything over.