Magnet (Jose)
Vital statistics
Title Jose (Magnet)
Actor Miguel Castro
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Race Hispanic-American
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Gallery Magnet (Jose) Gallery
"I would've gotten away with the dog, if my pocket didn't start barking"
―Magnet to Mr. Pendanski.

Jose is a former camper at Camp Green Lake.

Before Camp Green Lake

Magnet came to Camp Green Lake for stealing a dog that cost $1000 according to Squid (Alan).

At Camp Green Lake

Jose was sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a dog from a pet store. At Camp Green Lake he was given the nickname "Magnet" because his fingers are like magnets, meaning that he can steal without thinking, and rarely ever gets caught. He demonstrates this when he steals the sunflower seeds from Mr. Sir's truck. After this, Stanley takes the blame for him, as he fails to catch it when Zigzag (Ricky) throws it to him. Magnet tells Mr. Pendanski that he wants to be a veterinarian when he gets older. He also states, "It's criminal that they keep them locked up in cages like that." to which Mr. Pendanski responds, "No, Jose, what you did was criminal." This explains why he wanted to steal the dog from the pet store. He also jokingly says he would've gotten away with the dog "...if his pocket didn't start barking"

After Camp Green Lake

Magnet got released from Camp Green Lake after it shut down, it is unknown what happened to him after it shut down, but he was at the Yelnats party at the end of the film.

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