Morris Menke
Morris Menke
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Actor Ravil Isyanov
Family Myra Menke (Daughter)
Gender Male
Race Latvian
Status Alive
Location unknown
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Morris Menke is the father of Myra Menke, and the owner of the farm where Elya Yelnats worked, and Igor farmed pigs.

Described by Madame Zeroni as "A shmuck!, Morris Menke seemed to only care about how much he could get for his daughter, laughing at Elya Yelnats' `measly offer' of "A heart full of love". Igor Barkov had the most to offer - in tradable goods, no matter that Igor was a hulking, sweaty beast of a man.

Morris Menke let Myra Decide who she wanted to marry, since Elya Yelnats offered a pig exactly as heavy as Igor's. Morris wanted Myra to marry Igor, and eventually Myra did marry him after Elya didn't want to marry Myra anymore when he realized he's wasted his time on her.

When Elya Yelnats declared "You can keep my pig as a wedding present!", and stormed off, Morris Menke was overjoyed at getting "Two pigs for one daughter!!"

Morris Menke was played by Ravil Isyanov