Myra Menke
Myra Menke
Myra Menke
Vital statistics
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Actor Sanya Mateyas
Family Igor Barkov (Husband)
Gender Female
Race Latvian
Status Alive
Location Unknown
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Myra Menke is a part of the sub-plot in Holes. She was a flowerpot (meaning she was dumb) and does not know how life works. Because of that, her dad chooses that person who has something to give her, Igor Barkov or Elya Yelnats.

2 months before her 15th birthday (according to the novel) Igor had offered his fattest pig for her. With Madame Zeroni's assistance, Elya raised a pig himself, carrying it up the mountain to the stream, letting it drink as he sang If Only, If Only. In 2 months of carrying the pig up the mountain, the pig was as big as Igor's offering, and Elya had become much stronger as well.

Myra asked which pig weighed more, but they were the same, so she decided to choose a number between 1 and 10 to decide between them. She had a choice between a large disgusting blob of a man, or a man her own age, who was hard-working and very fit. She couldn't decide, so Elya made a decision - he said ''Marry Igor!'' and then he gave up on her, angrily tearing up the flowers he brought, declaring his pig 'a wedding present'.

After Elya gave up on Myra it seemed that Myra was not happy with Elya's decision, seeing that she grimaced when slovenly and sweaty Igor embraced her.

In the Holes novel by Louis Sachar, Madame Zeroni said to Elya Yelnats, who confessed that he loved Myra, "Myra's head is as empty as a flowerpot." "But she's beautiful." "So is a flowerpot. Can she push a plow? Can she milk a goat? No, she is too delicate. Can she have an intelligent conversation? No, she is silly and foolish. Will she take care of you when you are sick? No, she is spoiled and will only want you to take care of her. So, she is beautiful. So what?" Madame Zeroni had warned Elya about how dumb Myra is but Elya didn't listen and he wasted his time on her. By angrily throwing the flowers that he had bought for her when they got married on the ground.