"I can fix that."
―Sam to Katherine Barlow
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Vital statistics
Title Sam
Actor Dulé Hill
Family Kathrine Barlow - Girlfriend (Deceased)
Gender Male
Race African-American
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Trout Walker.
Location Green Lake (When Killed)

Heaven (Now)

Gallery Sam Gallery
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Sam is shot by Trout.

Sam, (1860s-1885), was a character who made an appearance in both the book and film Holes.


Early Life

Sam was born in Green Lake, Texas and later became a farmer. 

Kate Barlow

He grew onions for a living. Mary Lou, his donkey, was acclaimed by Sam to be almost 100 years old because she ate his onions. Sam made various products out of onions, because he thought onions were the cure for everything. For example, he had an onion-based cream that he claimed would cure baldness and a special onion juice that he claimed would ward off Yellow-Spotted Lizards, which worked unintentionally (but thankfully) on Stanley and Hector. One person he traded his onions with was Katherine Barlow, Green Lake's teacher; she'd give him jars of peaches in exchange for onions.

Fixing the Schoolhouse

At one point, Sam went into the school to deliver Barlow her onions in exchange for his peaches. He noticed the leaking roof and offered to fix it in exchange for 3 additional jars of peaches. Each time he would finish fixing one thing, Kate would find something else for him to fix because she enjoyed his company. This made them develop a relationship together, and they discovered mutual affection. One day, Barlow was crying over a book. He grabbed her hand, and they shared a kiss.


The kiss was seen by Trout Walker, who happened to be riding past the school house on his horse. (In the book, they are seen by Hattie Parker, a resident of Green Lake.) Trout reported this to the sheriff, since at the time, a black man was not allowed to kiss a white woman. Sam was to be punished for his crime by hanging, had he not tried to run away first. He jumped in his boat and began to row away, hoping to perhaps evade his hanging, or at least extend the time he had. Trout, however, raced after him in his motor-power boat and shot Sam down. Kate watched the entire scene unfold, horror struck. Mary Lou was shot dead as well. Then Kate starts crying and yelling SAM!

Killed By

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