The Warden (Louise Walker)
Warden Box
Vital statistics
Title Louise Walker (The Warden)
Actor Sigourney Weaver
Family Charles "Trout" Walker - Grandfather (deceased)

Linda Walker - Grandmother (deceased)

Gender Female
Race Caucasian-American
Status Alive
Location Prison
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''Excuse Me?''

Warden Louise Walker (b-1953), is the main antagonist of Holes. She is the granddaughter of Charles "Trout" Walker and Linda Walker.

The Warden is shown to have been digging holes as she grows up and does nothing else other than trying to finish the work of looking for the treasure of Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow).

Character Biography


Louise Walker is the granddaughter of Charles "Trout" Walker who  lived with her because of the absence of her parents. Her grandfather drove himself crazy digging, looking for the buried treasure, which was buried by Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow) just to find it. He also made her dig as well everyday, even including Christmas day.

Inheriting Camp Green Lake

When her father died, she decided to open Camp Green Lake in the hopes that she had will find the treasure like he wanted her too.

During that time she invited an escaped convict named Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillon) and Mr. Pendanski (Mom) to work as counselors at Camp Green Lake.

Whenever one of boys finds something interesting, he gets the whole day off just like X-Ray (Rex Washburn) did when Stanley Yelnats IV (Caveman) gave him the lipstick tube that he found. When Stanley says that he stole Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo)'s sunflower seeds from his truck, she tells Stanley that she uses rattlesnake venom in her nail polish. When she asks Mr. Sir if he thinks that Stanley stole the seeds, he says no and believes that Stanley is covering for someone. Then, she scratches him on the face with her rattlesnake venom nails. Later, the Warden finds out that Stanley and Zigzag (Ricky) got into a fight, and that Zero (Hector Zeroni) strangled Zigzag. She then learns that Zero has been digging part of Stanley's hole in exchange for Stanley teaching Zero how to read, so she tells them to stop. Zero then runs off and she thinks that he's dead. After Stanley leaves to find Zero, Stanley's lawyer comes to pick him up after finding Stanley innocent. When Stanley and Zero find Kate Barlow's treasure, she spots them and tells them about her past, but keeps well away because of the yellow spotted lizards covering Zero and Stanley. When the lawyer returns, the Warden lies about Stanley stealing the treasure, but Zero saves the day by telling the truth and explaining that the chest has Stanley's name on it. The Warden, Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski (Mom) are later arrested, releasing the all of the boys from the camp, and letting Stanley and Zero go home with the chest.

After Camp Green Lake

The Warden was later arrested for charges while running Camp Green Lake along with Mr. Pendanski and Mr. Sir. Her camp was officially shut down after she got arrested along with Mr. Pendanski and Mr. Sir. After the camp was closed, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America decided to reopen Camp Green Lake as a Girl Scout camp.


  • The Warden hates ponies.
  • Sigourney Weaver portrays The Warden as an adult, while The Warden's younger self is portrayed by Haleigh Ann Trickett.
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