Water truck
The Water Truck is where the D-Tent boys fill their canteens when they're thirsty. It's usually driven by Mr. Sir or Mr. Pendanski. One day when Mr. Sir was filling every D-Tent's canteens, he asked Stanley, ''Thirsty, Yelnats?'' Caveman replied ''Yes Mr. Sir.'' And then Mr. Sir took Stanley's canteen and didn't fill it and gave it back to Stanley empty, in revenge of what The Warden did to Mr. Sir's face with her Rattlesnake venom nails. Mr. Pendanski got aware of that and then he started driving the truck more often. In the book Mr. Sir filled Stanley's canteen and then went in front of the truck and did something to the canteen. Stanley got suspicious, when he was thirsty, he dumped the water in the canteen Mr. Sir had filled because Stanley did not want to take any chances.


The water truck was damaged when Stanley Yelnats IV (Caveman) stole it to search for Zero (Hector Zeroni), with Twitch (Brian)'s help, when the other D-Tent boys were arguing, creating a distraction. Stanley gunned the engine and drove off, with Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo) clinging to the door, screaming, until Mr. Sir fell into a hole. Stanley made it several dozen feet away, whooping, screaming, "Bye-bye, Camp Green...!!" And then the truck crashed right into one of the holes.

After Stanley escaped on foot, Mr. Sir eventually managed to get the truck out of the hole and back to the garage for repairs. Mr. Sir worked on the truck with Dr. Pendanski's reluctant assistance, which distracted them when Hector returned to get a shovel to assiste Stanley in digging up the hole where Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow)'s lipstick tube was found then they found Stanley Yelnats I stolen treasure by Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow). Mr. Sir's (Marion Sevillo) truck was a 1994 Ford F-350. Mr. Sir most likely stole the truck since it is unknown how it was obtained.

In the bed of Mr. Sir's truck there was a tank of water propped up against two rally lights overlooking the cab, shovels, rakes, and a pitchfork. Cones, wheelbarrows, coolers of food, and a spare gas can. The truck also has a rear license plate bearing Mr. Sir, a front license plate bearing the Texas flag. A longhorn mounted on the grill, and a CB radio.