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X-Ray (Rex Washburn)
Vital statistics
Title Rex Alvin Washburn (X-Ray)
Actor Brenden Jefferson
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Gender Male
Race African-American
Status Alive
Location Austin, Texas (currently)
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Rex "X-Ray" Washburn is a camper at Camp Green Lake. He is portrayed by Brendan Jefferson in the film

Before Camp Green Lake

Rex was arrested and sent to Camp Green Lake for selling bags of dried parsley and oregano for $50 each to people who thought they were buying marijuana.

At Camp Green Lake

Rex was placed in D-Tent. He received the nickname "X-Ray" at camp due to wearing thick glasses. It is also pig latin for "Rex". The unofficial leader of D-Tent, he was the first of the campers to be sent to Camp Green Lake. In the beginning of the movie X-Ray insulted Stanley Yelnats IV by calling him a Neanderthal. They later became friends. One day while Stanley was digging his hole after Stanley found a fossil, X-Ray came up to Stanley and said, 'That was some lame crap you pulled. If you find anything, give it to me. I've been here for over six months and never found anything. Why should you get the day off when you just got here?' Stanley agreed and gives everything he finds to X-Ray because Stanley does not want to get on his bad side. In the Rec Room X-Ray convinced Stanley and Lump to stop fighting due to fear of The Warden.

After Camp Green Lake

X-Ray was released from Camp Green Lake after it was closed down.  In the novel's sequel Small Steps, he is minor character. He formerly lived in Lubbock and moved Austin after he was released. He drives a rusted Honda Civic with a heavily dented driver's door and is involved in a ticket scalping scheme with Armpit to see pop star Kaira De Leon. The scheme goes pear-shaped after X-Ray confessed to Armpit that he made two copies of the last two tickets which were counterfeit, selling the real ones to ticket sellers, Felix and Moses. He is given the all clear afterwards and the case is closed.

X-Ray had been reluctant to sell the tickets at first to which he promised them to a friend which was Armpit.

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