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Zigzag (Ricky)
Zig Zag Box.png
Vital statistics
Title Ricky (Zigzag)
Actor Max Kasch
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Gender Male
Race Caucasian-Americian
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Gallery Zigzag (Ricky) Gallery
"Here! Eat my cookie and I'll dig your hole!"
―Zig-Zag harassing Stanley.

Ricky is a camper at Camp Green Lake.

Before Camp Green Lake

Ricky was sent to Camp Green Lake for setting off fire crackers at school that ended up setting off the fire alarm.

At Camp Green Lake

At Camp Green Lake, Ricky was in D-Tent. He is very tall and has a long neck and long blonde hair that stood up from his head. It is unknown how he received the nickname Zigzag, but since he got sent to Camp Green Lake after setting off firecrackers at his school, he could have received his nickname because of the zigzag firecrackers make after exploding. When Stanley Yelnats IV came to Camp Green Lake, he first asked Mr. Pendanski if he had told him about the yellow spotted lizards which Pendanski responds with now, let's not scare Stanley, Ricky. and X-ray responds hey, his name's not Ricky. It's Zigzag, alright? One day, after getting lunch from Mr. Pendanski Zigzag told Stanley Yelnats IV that he would give Stanley his cookie and he would dig Stanley's hole for him. This was to show his disapproval of Stanley teaching Hector Zeroni how to read. In exchange for Stanley teaching him, Hector would dig part of Stanley's hole. This was looked down upon by the rest of the campers. So when Stanley told Zigzag no, a fight broke out between them after they were prompted to by Mr. Pendanski. This ended with Hector choking out Zigzag while Armpit tried to pull Hector off of Zigzag. Mr. Pendanski had to shoot off his gun in order to get the boys off of each other. This ended with Hector running away after hitting Mr. Pendanski upside the head with a shovel. In the book Zigzag apologizes to Stanley Yelnats IV for beating him up at the end of the book. At the end of the movie when Mr. Sir gets recognized as Marion Sevillo, Zigzag says ''Marion, gee, I didn't know that was a man's name'' Mr. Sir replies ''It ain't''

After Camp Green Lake

It is unknown what he did after Camp Green Lake but he got released after Mr. Pendanski, The Warden, and Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo) got arrested. But he was shown in the Yelnats' new house at a party.

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